The Mogul


No 6 Roebuck

Circa 1910

This is a fascinating rocking horse, not previously known to exist. Aside from being uncommonly pretty for a No 6 Roebuck, with quite a dished face and soft, rounded lines, this horse originally had end seats. All that remains now is the curved steel braces from knees to hoof rails.

We have been very fortunate to have 2 all-original Roebuck rocking horses visiting for conservation work, which enabled a thorough study of colour, dappling style and texture as well as a good look at eye shape. What this horse is likely to have had has been recreated as faithfully as possible.

The horse is in remarkably good, solid condition, with all-too common damage to ears mercifully absent. Mogul has new teeth and saddle block, with replaced cross pieces on the stand but is otherwise sturdy and intact (aside from missing ends seat, of course).

Mogul was fully restored in 2015.

For sale on behalf of his owner, a young man who has had him since he was just two years old, and is now letting him go with deep regret.

$7000 - offers considered























FOR SALE - $7,000 ONO

Offered on behalf of owner




Jemima, a No 3 Roebuck of similar vintage to Mogul after full restoration: