Rocking Horse Studio Services

The Rocking Horse Studio is dedicated to the preservation and knowledge of antique rocking horses, we do a lot more than just restore and offer for sale.

Source a Horse


If you have a specific rocking horse in mind that we don't have described on our pages it may be that we have one coming, or know of one available. It's only a matter of time until the horse that is exactly what you want does turn up.

Canterbury, at left, is one such horse. (52" extra carved Lines rocking horse, largely original).




If you have an old wooden rocking horse you no longer wish to keep, it may be that someone we know is looking for one (see Source a Horse above!) so please let us know. Fair prices and honesty are assured.


Most of what we do is bespoke restorations of rocking horses chosen before restoration, which lets you have exactly what you like.

We do take rocking horses in for restoration sometimes, when workload permits. If we can't help you we will direct you to someone who can. (Currently no vacancy)


Popular books on the subject of rocking horses are sometimes available, please enquire.

Please enquire if the help you are looking for is not listed here

We are always delighted to have a chat about rocking horses, share what we have learned and in turn learn more. Even if we don't have the knowledge you are looking for, it's likely we know someone who does and are only too happy to direct you to where you can get help.