Please enjoy your visit to the new Rocking Horse Studio site, which we hope you will find informative as well as enjoyable while you browse. New material is often added and updated as we collate more of what we learn about rocking horses over time, and hope that in time it becomes a useful resource*. If you come across bad links please let us know - art and restoration is what we do, not HTML coding!

The Rocking Horse Studio in Sydney was created to showcase a variety of antique and vintage Rocking Horses so that the diversity of these captivating toys could be experienced first-hand, not just in books. While our special love is Victorian English horses, we believe that every horse that has beauty or character has value. We pay homage to the history of Australian rocking horse manufacture, and have unusual English rocking horses from the Edwardian period and even the occasional modern horse that we believe merits attention.

We are custodians of some exceptional horses of our own which we are privileged to enjoy for this generation and hopefully into future generations. While we love the distinguished examples in our "Stables" we also appreciate the appeal of others with more modest "pedigree".

Safety is always a prime consideration in selecting for use, especially by children. Please do not hesitate to ask if you would like a guide on buying for children.

* - in the meantime, Jane Hooker has generously published a wealth of information on rocking horse identification, selection, how to spot a fake etc on her wonderful site www.oldrockinghorses.com