Very fine large early bow - unattributed

Probably 1850-1870


With a 31.5" body, this is a large, imposing horse with lovely extra carving, original paint, an expressive face and beautiful eyes.

Bow span is 83.5" (212cm)

This style is often referred to as "Georgian", although technically speaking it is early Victorian.

Dauphin is truly superb. He previously had a professional restoration by APES and is in sturdy, useable condition (and has starred in TV advertising for NRMA). Unlike so many horses with any age, he has not been fixed and repainted time and time again, he only had one restoration - the one seen above right. The severe dappling was hiding gorgeous original paint, in wonderful condition. It's lifting off beautifully and will only need minimal retouching to bring the best out in this remarkable old horse. Horses by this maker (name unknown but the style is recognisable) are about, but to find one in this condition is quite a treat.

Dauphin's restoration potential is simply tremendous, we'll continue to lift off the retouching and do as little as possible to interfere with it. He will have replica tack, if possible in aged leather to blend in with his paint. His ears have been replaced, we're not in love with them but they do the job and we will leave them as part of Dauphin's history.






































































Above and left: Gainsborough, large plain-carved antique bow horse by the same maker as Dauphin.

Restored by Prestige Rocking Horses

Photo used with kind permission of Prestige Rocking Horses