Patterson Edwards

Circa 1920 - 1930s

Imported 2010

Available unrestored - a good learner horse for anyone wanting to try their own restoration (basic support and guidance provided to anyone trying restoration for the first time). The turned pillars do need repair (new spigots drilled in) but we are able to assist. We simply have so much work we will probably never get around to restoring him. The asking price doesn't even cover the cost of freight, this is a genuine bargain.


Although without the finesse and prestige of horses by well-known makers Ayres and Lines, this is a sweet horse with a cute, cheeky expression and plenty of appeal. He arrived off his stand and once mounted should be 40-41" high or so at his ears. The stand is here, it was dismantled for transport and we have not reassembled it. The stand has turned pillars (indicating earlier production period). His body is the same length as a 'standard' (no 3) Roebuck so he is a good size for riding.

Secret is a fantastic starter horse, a genuine vintage English rocking horse without the price tag of the renowned makers and something a little bit different. Once restored this will be a wonderful toy to play with and in time should appreciate in value as well.







FOR SALE - $850