Collinsons of Liverpool


Probably 1950s-60s









Collinson of Liverpool was one of the most prolific and enduring producers of rocking horses in England.  These horses are known for their distinctive arched neck and good ride quality.  His age is unknown as the design  remained very consistent over decades.

This is a very charming little rocking horse that photos do not do justice, with a friendly 'smiley' face and his head turned slightly to the right. He is suitable for children ages 3 to 6 or 7.

He still has his original dapple-grey paint under the overpainting, and has almost complete original harness in good condition. Only the reins and rosettes need replacing for a horse that looks like the vintage piece he is. His hind leg does need resetting as can be seen, there is no other damage and when done he will be a lovely little horse to be ridden or just admired.