Baby Carriages "Rambler"


Untouched original condition






A lovely and unusual Baby Carriages. This horse is virtually identical to the BCL Rambler featured on pages 96-97 of "A Kiss of Rocking Horses" - this wonderful book by David Kiss, a respected English restorer and expert, is a must for anyone even curious about antique and vintage English rocking horses.

This horse is quite lovely, when she arrived we were delighted at how much prettier she is in life with an expressive, well-shaped head and eyes set wide in a realistically broad forehead.

It is very unusual and fortunate to find a horse like this in absolutely original condition - the horse was bought 30 years ago for a family, the kids refused to let their father 'fix it up' so it has never been tampered with.... fortunately!

Paint will be retouched and sealed, stand given a light tidy up, saddle repaired or replaced with a replica and she will get a new mane and tail. If sold before restoration a buyer would have the choice of mane and tail colour.