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The Mogul: No 6 Roebuck

Circa 1910

Offered on behalf of his owner and a regretful sale.

A beautiful and truly exceptional rocking horse that was originally a three-seater (metal braces remain and owner recalls remnants of end seats).

Fully restored.

$6500. Offers considered.


Heathcliff: 52" D Type special extra carved Ayres - available with or without restoration

A particularly elegant example of a D Type Ayres, although the inaccurate saddle distracts from the well-observed anatomy.

Heathcliff can be enjoyed as he is but would benefit from an authentic re-restoration.





And something very, very special indeed:

Roebuck carousel horse

Very rare - see right












GIFT CERTIFICATES: The rocking horse lover in your life would be ecstatic with one of these. Redeemable for any of our horses or services. Conditions apply, please enquire.


IN THE "PIPELINE" - will be available after restoration. Our next consignment will be the last, once those horses on their way go that will be it!

  • Rare No 1 and No 2 Bartletts
  • 50" extra carved Lines, circa 1890 (Next consignment)
  • 39" extra carved Lines, circa 1890
  • 39" plain carved Ayres in wonderful original condition (Next consignment)
  • Lines tip cart and pony (Next consignment)
  • Extra carved Ayres on spring stand (Next consignment)
  • Medium-sized early bow, unattributed (Next consignment)
  • Very large bow horse, Lines, extra carved (Next consignment)
  • Unusual extra carved horse probably by Woodrow (Next consignment)
  • Small horse by J&G Lines circa 1890 (Next consignment)
  • 34" extra carved Ayres circa 1880-1890, next consignment
  • Stunning bow horse, fairly early, fully restored (next consignment)
  • Very large and very pretty extra carved Lines bow (next consignment)
  • And many more, some available unrestored.




































































A wonderful opportunity to acquire a very special piece of Australian toy and fair history: a Roebuck carousel horse originally from the Foy & Gibson department store in Melbourne. This horse comes from one of only six carousels made by F Roebuck in the 1920s, of which not all survived the ravages of time.


Restored to the highest standard possible and is understood to be in immaculate condition. We are told that the restoration was done by Patricia Mullins.


The horse comes with certificate of authenticity and an appraisal from some six years ago.



For sale on behalf of owner. Asking $9,500 - reasonable offers will be considered. Located near Brisbane.


Packing and overseas shipping can be arranged.