Ayres "D Type", also known as "Special extra carved" and "Top of the Range"


Seigfried represents all that is desirable in this , one of the most highly collectable of rocking horses sought by many enthusiasts - finely carved head, turned and tilted head, gracious arch to his neck and lifelike proportions.

Most of Seigfried's original paint was found intact under newer layer of paint, and the original gesso is in marvellous condition. Overpainting was lifted off then the original surface was repaired. The horse's base colour and patination were colour matched; damaged or missing dappling retouched with minimal or no interference with sound sections. Brown varnish was lifted off to refinish the stand with traditional polish and wax.

Replica harness was kindly supplied by Rocking Horse Elite.


Seigfried before restoration















We have a very similar horse shipping in 2014, although larger at 51"