Ayres extra carved "C Type"


Dating Leopold is a bit of a puzzle, the stand indicates 1895 or so but the style of the horse doesn't conform to this period. In any case he is relatively early.

This appears to be quite an unusual example of an extra carved Ayres, with proportions not often seen. This horse is rather fine, even compared to other extra carved Ayres horses.

He is in sturdy, sound condition. He is a perfect size to be ridden by children. Being useable and of a quality suitable for a collection makes him very versatile.

Although he looks sorry now, Leopold will be just stunning after restoration. He has been totally stripped, which saves that very big job, but that does mean there is no chance of finding original paint.








FOR SALE: $8,250 fully restored


Our other Extra Carved Ayres, Clarendon (we will add more reference pictures as we obtain permission to use them)