Ayres "D Type", also known as "Special extra carved" and this is what is referred to as "Top of the Range Ayres"


Heathcliff is a particularly beautiful example of a D Type Ayres. He is more refined and elegant than many, and has an especially pretty head and well-modelled legs. There is also detail to the head carving than we haven't seen on other D Types.

Heathcliff would benefit from a sympathetic re-restoration with replica detachable tack, but he is in good condition as he is.

His stand pillars have been replaced and unfortunately we feel need to be replaced again as the timber used was not of good quality, nor the profile accurate. This is optional, but we feel worth doing given the quality of this horse. As yet we haven't been able to determine whether he was completely stripped before restoration and whether any original paint remains. We will not be able to examine him closely just yet - he has had worm and we decided not to risk any creepy crawlies surviving fumigation so we've sent Heathcliff to spend some time in a freezer to ensure he is completely free of worm.

Replica harness was kindly supplied by Rocking Horse Elite.








FOR SALE as is or with restoration. POA.


Two examples of D Type Ayres previously restored here are Pimpernel and Seigfried, below: