imageExtra Carved "C Type" Ayres circa 1895





This is a particularly handsome example of an extra carved, fairly early Ayres (as identified by his shape and the way he sits low on the stand)

Original paint was found virtually intact once overpainting was mostly removed. As well as being especially beautiful, and having a remarkably lifelike expression, Clarendon's desirable features include both pommels intact (these are usually lost over the years, his stand bears a patent stamp and most of his brass rosettes are intact. Pommels are for young ladies to ride sidesaddle and are also useful for giving tiny legs something to hook over to prevent tumbling off. It is unusual to find rocking horses with both pommels intact as they are easily lost over the years. "Dalmatian" overpainting has now been almost completely removed to reveal the lovely original dapples which will be retouched and preserved.


Before coming to Australia in 2010 Clarendon served for at least 90 years in a small country church where he entertained generations of children at Sunday school.
















Clarendon on arrival