Plain-carved Ayres rocking horse

44" circa 1910


Plain-carved vintage rocking horse by F.H. Ayres, probably circa 1910. Believe it or not, this horse will come up beautifully, she has lovely shaping to her head and a fine, elegant face with a kind expression. Her pleasing shape and arch to the neck will appeal to someone who understands real saddle horses.

In the past she was coated all over with some sort of filler and painted with party paint over that - this is coming off cleanly and she will be lovely restored. Some of the dappling has come off with the filler but the lovely original eye outlines are intact.

The horse and stand are sound and clear of defects so she is suitable for use. The stand needs to be re-wedged, a straightforward prodecure. She does need new ears and a jaw but once carved they will not be distinguishable as replaced. Aside from cosmetic damage she is in remarkably good condition, typically gesso on legs does not survive but hers appears intact.

A lucky find under an extremely ugly makeover!