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03-May-2016 03:07 44k [IMG] stevensons left.jpg 09-Aug-2013 10:22 96k [IMG] stevensons face.jpg 25-Oct-2013 04:32 104k [IMG] sprite.jpg 22-Jul-2014 07:05 84k [IMG] spring stand bust.jpg 03-Apr-2016 05:29 44k [IMG] solveig face.jpg 25-Oct-2013 04:32 64k [IMG] smoky thumb.jpg 25-Oct-2013 04:32 24k [IMG] smoky face.jpg 25-Oct-2013 04:32 76k [IMG] smoky 4.jpg 25-Oct-2013 04:32 120k [IMG] smoky 3.jpg 19-Dec-2015 22:59 116k [IMG] smith portrait.jpg 16-May-2013 00:09 364k [IMG] smith finished.jpg 07-May-2013 04:20 92k [IMG] smith face right.jpg 16-May-2013 00:09 72k [IMG] small early lines.jpg 03-May-2016 03:07 40k [IMG] sewing.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:37 60k [IMG] seigfried small.jpg 23-May-2014 00:00 76k [IMG] seigfried gallery.jpg 24-Apr-2014 03:22 88k [IMG] seigfried after.jpg 24-Apr-2014 02:08 96k [IMG] roland thumb.jpg 05-Dec-2013 09:08 24k [IMG] roland right.jpg 11-Nov-2013 06:07 136k [IMG] roland left.jpg 11-Nov-2013 06:07 268k [IMG] roland face.jpg 11-Nov-2013 06:06 96k [IMG] roland 3.4.jpg 11-Nov-2013 06:06 144k [IMG] rocker colt 2012.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:37 88k unknown reid.JPG 22-May-2013 04:38 76k unknown reid right.JPG 28-May-2013 08:52 72k unknown reid left.JPG 28-May-2013 08:52 64k unknown reid 3 quarter.JPG 28-May-2013 08:52 68k [IMG] raindrop.jpg 22-Jul-2014 07:05 92k [IMG] primrose.jpg 05-Nov-2014 05:20 64k [IMG] primrose before.jpg 05-Nov-2014 05:20 236k [IMG] primrose 2.jpg 05-Nov-2014 05:20 48k [IMG] poco.jpg 29-Oct-2014 23:32 92k [IMG] pigeon pair.jpg 14-Oct-2014 06:03 76k [IMG] pickwick face.jpg 21-Dec-2014 07:28 136k [IMG] pickwick 2.jpg 21-Dec-2014 07:28 116k [IMG] phryne.jpg 22-Jul-2014 07:05 64k unknown photo 2 (2).JPG 03-May-2016 03:07 92k [IMG] philippa side.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:36 68k [IMG] philippa full.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:36 92k [IMG] penelope home.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:36 48k [IMG] pegs right.jpg 25-Oct-2013 04:31 64k [IMG] pegs left.jpg 16-Aug-2013 08:34 100k [IMG] pegs face.jpg 16-Aug-2013 08:34 104k [IMG] paris thumb.jpg 11-May-2016 10:55 48k [IMG] paris l 2.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:36 100k [IMG] paris bust.jpg 11-May-2016 10:55 236k unknown otto.JPG 22-May-2013 04:38 116k unknown orlando2.JPG 03-May-2016 03:06 152k [IMG] orlando.jpg 17-Jun-2014 10:18 52k [IMG] orlando thumb.jpg 03-May-2016 03:06 48k [IMG] nobby.jpg 20-Jun-2014 08:22 112k [IMG] nobby thumb.jpg 03-May-2016 03:06 44k [IMG] nobby (2).jpg 03-May-2016 03:06 1812k [IMG] nobby (2) - Copy.jpg 03-May-2016 03:06 228k [IMG] no 6 lachlan.jpg 16-Aug-2013 08:09 60k unknown my tip cart.JPG 03-May-2016 03:06 340k [IMG] molly applecheeks.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:33 24k [IMG] mogul toy fair.jpg 25-Oct-2015 09:49 304k [IMG] mogul head.jpg 25-Oct-2015 09:49 1004k [IMG] michelle georgian bow.jpg 17-Jun-2014 11:11 44k unknown mcquhae.JPG 03-May-2016 03:06 2096k [IMG] magnus.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:32 44k [IMG] magnus thumbnail.jpg 24-Apr-2014 02:20 36k [IMG] magnus side.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:32 32k [IMG] magnus finished.jpg 24-Apr-2014 03:22 72k [IMG] magnus face.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:32 44k [IMG] magnus face finished.jpg 10-Sep-2013 04:48 96k [IMG] little Ayres.jpg 03-May-2016 03:05 96k [IMG] legolas1.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:32 28k [IMG] jessie thumb.jpg 03-May-2016 03:05 52k [IMG] jaw repair.jpg 25-Oct-2013 04:31 36k [IMG] jake1.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:31 40k [IMG] hugo.jpg 17-Jun-2014 11:05 116k [IMG] heathcliff.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:25 100k [IMG] heathcliff in dining.jpg 14-Sep-2016 05:37 168k [IMG] harlequin.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:25 152k [IMG] haddon.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:25 52k [IMG] gustav.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:25 160k [IMG] gustav face.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:25 184k [IMG] gulliver.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:25 96k [IMG] georgie.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:25 68k [IMG] georgie thumb.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:25 24k [IMG] georgie before.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:25 48k [IMG] georgie after.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:25 164k [IMG] georgie after left.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:25 140k [IMG] georgian right.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:25 116k [IMG] gainsborough closeup.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:25 48k unknown gainsborough 4.JPG 03-Apr-2016 07:25 92k unknown gainsborough 3.JPG 03-Apr-2016 07:25 576k [IMG] elsie 4.jpg 03-May-2016 03:04 188k [IMG] elsie 3.jpg 03-May-2016 03:04 248k [IMG] early small LInes bow.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:25 32k unknown dauphin at show.JPG 03-May-2016 03:04 2876k [IMG] coco.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:25 64k unknown charlie.JPG 03-May-2016 03:04 2648k [IMG] caspian.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:25 48k unknown calliope2.JPG 03-May-2016 03:04 96k [IMG] brown Ayres bow.jpg 03-May-2016 03:04 144k [IMG] brady.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:24 44k [IMG] brady head.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:24 40k [IMG] bartlett profile right.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:24 84k [IMG] bartlett left 3.4.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:24 92k unknown banjo.JPG 03-May-2016 03:04 2020k [IMG] azrac.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:24 48k [IMG] azrac thumb.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:24 16k [IMG] azrac fabric.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:24 48k [IMG] azrac 2.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:24 68k [IMG] astrid face.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:24 84k [IMG] ariadne face L.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:24 76k [IMG] angelo.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:24 68k [IMG] angelo left.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:24 128k [IMG] angelo face.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:24 140k [IMG] alisons roebuck head.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:24 64k [IMG] alisons 2.jpg 03-May-2016 03:04 52k [IMG] alisons 1.jpg 03-May-2016 03:04 60k [IMG] Xanthe.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:39 744k [IMG] William.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:39 32k [IMG] William vignette.jpg 22-Jul-2014 06:25 40k [IMG] William left.jpg 22-Jul-2014 06:21 36k [IMG] William finished 21.jpg 22-Jul-2014 06:21 84k [IMG] William fin 28.jpg 22-Jul-2014 06:21 72k [IMG] William face finished.jpg 22-Jul-2014 06:21 68k [IMG] William 2.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:39 92k [IMG] White Bartlett Before.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:39 64k [IMG] We can see.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:38 28k [IMG] Victoria.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:38 60k [IMG] Victoria thumb.jpg 03-May-2016 03:08 40k [IMG] Venus.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:38 68k unknown Venus with bows.JPG 30-Apr-2013 23:38 128k [IMG] Valentine.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:38 44k [IMG] Valentine thumb.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:38 20k [IMG] Valentine right.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:38 148k [IMG] Valentine neck right.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:38 120k [IMG] Valentine neck left.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:38 124k [IMG] Valentine left.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:38 160k [IMG] Valentine face.jpg 28-May-2013 08:52 56k [IMG] Valentine and friend.jpeg 30-Apr-2013 23:38 284k [IMG] Valentine 2.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:38 32k [IMG] Trinket.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:38 140k [IMG] Trigger.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:38 84k [IMG] Trigger thumbnail.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:38 24k [IMG] Trigger restored r.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:38 128k [IMG] Trigger restored l.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:38 144k [IMG] Trigger head.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:38 56k [IMG] Trigger head r.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:38 608k [IMG] Trigger head l.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:38 104k unknown Tobias 020.JPG 30-Apr-2013 23:38 92k [IMG] Tinks finished left.jpg 02-Jul-2013 05:43 156k unknown Thumbs.db 30-Apr-2013 23:38 32k [IMG] Tassie thumb.jpg 25-Oct-2013 04:32 24k [IMG] Tassie No 2.jpg 26-Aug-2013 12:36 76k [IMG] St Theodore.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:38 44k [IMG] Spring stand.jpg 25-Oct-2013 04:32 88k [IMG] Spring stand thumb.jpg 25-Oct-2013 04:32 76k unknown Special Lines side.JPG 30-Apr-2013 23:38 68k [IMG] Solveig.jpg 16-Mar-2015 01:12 156k [IMG] Solveig thumb.jpg 03-May-2016 03:07 40k [IMG] Smoky.jpg 25-Oct-2013 04:32 144k [IMG] Smoky 2.jpg 25-Oct-2013 04:32 156k [IMG] Smith stripped.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:38 72k [IMG] Smith right side.jpg 16-May-2013 00:09 144k [IMG] Smith left side.jpg 16-May-2013 00:09 164k [IMG] Smith before.jpg 25-Oct-2013 04:32 48k [IMG] Smith 44inch.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:38 88k [IMG] Small PE.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:38 76k [IMG] Sixpence.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:38 48k [IMG] Sixpence face.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:38 84k [IMG] Sixpence face 2.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:38 128k [IMG] Sixpence Gallery.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:38 116k [IMG] Sixpence 1.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:37 96k [IMG] Seigfried thumbnail.jpg 23-May-2014 00:00 32k [IMG] Seigfried face.jpg 24-Apr-2014 02:08 84k [IMG] Seigfried detail.jpg 29-May-2014 05:31 228k [IMG] Seigfried before.jpg 24-Apr-2014 02:08 44k [IMG] Secret.jpg 19-May-2014 22:40 92k [IMG] Secret pillar.jpg 19-May-2014 22:40 52k [IMG] Secret mockup.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:37 216k [IMG] Sasha.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:37 68k [IMG] Sapphire.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:37 108k [IMG] Sapphire right.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:37 124k [IMG] Sapphire head.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:37 24k [IMG] Roy before.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:37 72k [IMG] Roy after.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:37 92k [IMG] Roebuck carousel.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:37 236k [IMG] Roebuck No 2 .jpg 14-Jun-2013 06:03 48k [IMG] Rocker colt nearly done.jpg 25-Oct-2013 04:31 24k [IMG] Rocker Colt before.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:37 68k unknown Revealing original paint.JPG 30-Apr-2013 23:37 64k unknown Rapture right way.JPG 30-Apr-2013 23:37 140k [IMG] Rapture on arrival.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:37 48k unknown Rapture cleaning up.JPG 30-Apr-2013 23:36 100k [IMG] Rapture arrival.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:36 44k [IMG] Rapture Gallery.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:37 196k [IMG] Primrose before 2.jpg 05-Nov-2014 05:20 64k [IMG] Portia.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:36 124k [IMG] Pickwick.jpg 21-Dec-2014 07:28 164k unknown Philippa.JPG 30-Apr-2013 23:36 84k [IMG] Phantom.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:36 76k unknown Penelope.JPG 30-Apr-2013 23:36 84k [IMG] Penelope here 2.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:36 132k [IMG] Pattie.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:36 28k [IMG] Paris unloaded.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:36 36k [IMG] Paris shoulder l.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:36 80k [IMG] Paris l.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:36 2332k [IMG] Paris l 3.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:36 116k [IMG] Paris head.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:35 80k [IMG] Paris done.jpg 11-May-2016 11:02 264k [IMG] Paris badge front.jpg 11-May-2016 11:02 80k [IMG] Pair of bows.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:35 144k [IMG] Pair of bows 2.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:35 1116k unknown PC170800.JPG 03-May-2016 03:08 8168k [IMG] P7300329b.jpg 03-May-2016 03:07 5504k [IMG] P5070354.jpg 03-May-2016 03:06 2196k unknown P1190324.JPG 30-Apr-2013 23:35 260k unknown P1140479.JPG 30-Apr-2013 23:35 1976k unknown P1140477.JPG 30-Apr-2013 23:35 1952k unknown P1060039.JPG 03-May-2016 03:07 4848k unknown Otto face.JPG 03-Apr-2016 07:31 88k [IMG] Otto face 2.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:31 76k unknown Otto done.JPG 03-Apr-2016 07:31 128k [IMG] Oswald.jpg 25-Oct-2013 04:31 52k [IMG] Oswald 2.jpg 25-Oct-2013 04:31 48k [IMG] Original rocker colt.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:34 92k [IMG] Original leather colt.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:34 40k unknown Original No 3.8.JPG 30-Apr-2013 23:34 56k unknown Original No 3.7.JPG 30-Apr-2013 23:34 36k unknown Original No 3.6.JPG 30-Apr-2013 23:34 68k unknown Original No 3.5.JPG 30-Apr-2013 23:34 52k unknown Original No 3.4.JPG 30-Apr-2013 23:34 48k unknown Original No 3.3.JPG 30-Apr-2013 23:34 56k unknown Original No 3.2.JPG 30-Apr-2013 23:34 64k [IMG] Original No 3 thumb.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:34 20k [IMG] No 2 Roebuck.jpg 25-Oct-2013 04:31 96k unknown No 2 Bartlett.JPG 30-Apr-2013 23:34 32k [IMG] Nadir Shah.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:34 280k [IMG] Nadir Shah Page 2.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:34 28k [IMG] Nadir Shah 1.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:34 132k [IMG] Molly.jpg 25-Oct-2013 04:31 180k [IMG] Molly Right side.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:34 24k [IMG] Molly Head right.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:33 20k [IMG] Molly Bartlett.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:33 36k [IMG] Molly Bartlett thumbnail.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:33 16k [IMG] Molly Bartlett sanded.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:33 32k unknown Molly 012 (2).JPG 25-Oct-2013 04:31 128k [IMG] Mogul.jpg 25-Oct-2015 09:52 500k [IMG] Mogul finished left.jpg 03-May-2016 03:06 424k [IMG] Mogul face.jpg 05-Sep-2014 06:36 88k unknown Mini 30-Apr-2013 23:34 2568k unknown Mini logo right.psd 30-Apr-2013 23:33 36k unknown Mini logo left.psd 30-Apr-2013 23:33 44k [IMG] Miles head.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:33 24k [IMG] Miles before.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:33 48k [IMG] Miles after.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:33 108k [IMG] Miles after 2.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:33 100k [IMG] Miles Gallery.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:33 56k [IMG] Midas.jpg 21-Dec-2014 07:28 260k [IMG] Michelle 44in EC.jpg 17-Jun-2014 08:47 48k [IMG] Mcquhae Sportiboy 001.jpg 17-Jun-2014 08:47 100k unknown Matilda.JPG 30-Apr-2013 23:32 72k [IMG] Matilda done.jpg 05-Jul-2013 04:43 124k [IMG] Martin Roebuck.jpg 26-Nov-2013 08:40 84k [IMG] Mandylion.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:33 1640k [IMG] Maisie.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:32 20k [IMG] Maisie face.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:32 100k [IMG] Maisie face 2.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:32 72k [IMG] Magnus head right.jpg 25-Oct-2013 04:31 116k [IMG] Lines bow thumbnail.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:32 20k [IMG] Lines bow face.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:32 52k [IMG] Lines badge.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:32 20k [IMG] Lilac.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:32 148k [IMG] Lilac witch.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:32 76k [IMG] Lilac witch 2.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:32 76k [IMG] Lilac finished.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:32 176k [IMG] Lilac before.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:32 88k [IMG] Lilac 2.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:32 64k [IMG] Lilac (2).jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:32 64k [IMG] Leopold.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:32 64k unknown Legs painted.JPG 30-Apr-2013 23:32 28k unknown Legs harness.JPG 30-Apr-2013 23:32 52k [IMG] Legs harness small.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:32 20k [IMG] Legs face.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:32 64k [IMG] Legolas.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:32 1472k [IMG] Legolas finishes.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:31 20k [IMG] Legolas face.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:31 56k [IMG] Legolas expression.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:31 20k [IMG] Legolas 5.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:31 48k [IMG] Leach rocking horse rs.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:31 176k [IMG] Leach rocking horse head.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:31 208k [IMG] Leach rh l head-001.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:31 76k [IMG] Lazarica wall.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:31 80k [IMG] Lazarica altar.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:31 76k [IMG] Large Roebuck 2.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:31 96k [IMG] Ladybird.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:31 100k [IMG] Ladybird r.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:31 100k [IMG] Ladybird r 2.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:31 96k [IMG] Ladybird bust.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:31 120k [IMG] Justus.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:31 76k [IMG] Jules.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:31 176k [IMG] Jules face.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:31 128k unknown Jessie.JPG 03-May-2016 03:05 264k unknown Jervis.JPG 30-Apr-2013 23:31 52k unknown Jervis right side.JPG 30-Apr-2013 23:31 84k unknown Jervis Brown.JPG 30-Apr-2013 23:31 108k [IMG] Jemima detail.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:31 44k [IMG] Jemima closeup.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:31 28k [IMG] Jemima after.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:31 168k [IMG] Jemima Jemima before.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:31 112k [IMG] Jemima Gallery.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:31 44k [IMG] Jasper.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:31 44k [IMG] Jake.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:31 40k [IMG] Jack.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:31 152k [IMG] Jack before.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:31 32k unknown IMG_1993.JPG 30-Apr-2013 23:31 148k unknown IMG_1779.JPG 03-May-2016 03:06 2092k unknown IMG_1778.JPG 03-May-2016 03:05 2264k unknown IMG_1777.JPG 03-May-2016 03:05 2236k unknown IMG_0879.JPG 03-May-2016 03:05 2384k unknown IMG_0608.JPG 03-May-2016 03:05 2808k unknown Herbert.psd 03-May-2016 03:05 1152k unknown Herbert.JPG 03-Apr-2016 07:25 208k unknown Herbert 2.JPG 03-Apr-2016 07:25 432k [IMG] Heathcliff thumb.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:25 40k [IMG] Gustav 6.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:25 132k [IMG] Gustav 10.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:25 88k [IMG] Group.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:25 36k [IMG] Gigi side.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:25 36k [IMG] Georgie bust.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:25 72k [IMG] Georgian left.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:25 124k unknown Generic.psd 03-Apr-2016 07:25 2952k [IMG] Generic.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:25 16k unknown Gainsborough 2.JPG 03-Apr-2016 07:25 56k unknown Gainsborough 1.JPG 03-Apr-2016 07:25 84k [IMG] Freya head.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:25 72k [IMG] Freya before.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:25 32k [IMG] Freya before 2.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:25 32k [IMG] Freya Gallery.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:25 84k unknown Freya 15.JPG 03-Apr-2016 07:25 36k unknown Freya 15 side.JPG 03-Apr-2016 07:25 108k unknown Freya 15 saddle.JPG 03-Apr-2016 07:25 84k unknown Freya 15 face.JPG 03-Apr-2016 07:25 104k [IMG] Florian.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:25 28k [IMG] First meeting.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:25 84k [IMG] Fergus.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:25 88k [IMG] Fergus 2.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:25 104k [IMG] Elsie right.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:25 64k [IMG] Edmund sweet face.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:25 56k [IMG] Edmund before.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:25 52k unknown Edmund and friend.JPG 03-Apr-2016 07:25 116k [IMG] Edmund Gallery.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:25 52k [IMG] Eclipse.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:25 56k [IMG] Eclipse sepia.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:25 52k [IMG] Eclipse bust.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:25 44k unknown Eclipse Gallery.JPG 03-Apr-2016 07:25 140k [IMG] Dougal.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:25 20k [IMG] Dougal 3.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:25 16k [IMG] Ditzy Dot.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:25 92k [IMG] Detail 1.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:25 8k [IMG] Denny r shoulder.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:25 132k [IMG] Denny left.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:25 132k [IMG] Denny left 2.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:25 52k [IMG] Denny left (2).jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:25 52k [IMG] Denny closeup.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:25 152k [IMG] Dauphin.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:25 100k [IMG] Dauphin half revealed.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:25 56k [IMG] Dauphin 4.jpg 11-Mar-2019 23:42 60k [IMG] Dauphin 3.jpg 30-Apr-2013 23:29 252k [IMG] Dauphin 2.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:25 64k [IMG] Crispin.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:25 160k [IMG] Crispin small.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:25 24k [IMG] Collinson.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:25 92k [IMG] Clarendon right.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:25 64k [IMG] Clarendon left.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:25 96k [IMG] Clarendon before.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:25 76k [IMG] Clancy.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:25 92k [IMG] Clancy before.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:25 84k [IMG] Carousel.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:25 100k [IMG] Captain3.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:24 80k [IMG] Captain2.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:24 104k [IMG] Captain.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:24 88k [IMG] Canterbury.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:24 52k [IMG] Canterbury full.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:24 68k [IMG] Canterbury face.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:24 84k [IMG] Calypso.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:24 56k [IMG] Calliope.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:24 36k [IMG] Calliope face.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:24 32k [IMG] Brynmor rt.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:24 52k [IMG] Brynmor left.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:24 52k [IMG] Brynmor face rt.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:24 16k [IMG] Brynmor face leftg.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:24 28k [IMG] Brassington Cooke.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:24 68k [IMG] Bracket detail.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:24 168k [IMG] Both Smiths.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:24 84k [IMG] Bijou 1.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:24 48k [IMG] Bev no 6.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:24 64k [IMG] Belle.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:24 136k [IMG] Belle r.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:24 88k [IMG] Belle l.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:24 104k [IMG] Belle Bust.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:24 112k [IMG] Bartlett nearing completion.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:24 140k [IMG] Bartlett before.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:24 72k [IMG] Barker.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:24 80k [IMG] Barker face.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:24 48k unknown Ariadne web page.JPG 03-Apr-2016 07:24 28k [IMG] Ariadne face.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:24 76k [IMG] Ariadne closeup.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:24 12k [IMG] Alisons transition Roebuck.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:24 84k [IMG] Alisons Lines.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:24 16k unknown 50in Smith.JPG 30-Apr-2013 23:29 116k [IMG] 48in bow thumbnail.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:24 16k [IMG] 43in Lines bow.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:24 68k [IMG] 43in EC Ayres.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:24 64k [IMG] 38in Ayres.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:24 20k [IMG] 1940.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:24 160k [IMG] 1940.2.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:24 296k unknown 001.JPG 03-May-2016 03:04 2660k [IMG] 000_0133.jpg 03-Apr-2016 07:24 52k

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